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    So hey, I'm making a map, and I have a basic layout for it in mind, but as I build it I want to make sure that there's something that can be found useful for all the classes. For instance, I try to insure there are a noticeable amount of corners for pyros to hide behind, or large walls for soldiers to jump over, or corners for engineers to make mini-bases. That kind of thing.

    But I'm having some trouble with the scout, as well as the heavy. I don't play these classes often, and as a result I am left with a less than knowledgeable understanding of them.

    What are some features in a map that can be implemented to accommodate these classes? I understand some things like the raised platform in turbine for scouts, but I know little outside of that, and completely nothing for the heavy.

    To expand on this subject and make this thread more interesting, feel free to explain design theory for every class.
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    Don't build towards individual classes. You risk fencing in their roles. Allow players to figure out what's good for their role. Rather, build against any one class' superiority. When no one shines, everyone will.
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    I think for the heavy, just make sure there's a corner to duck behind as you approach the sentry nests - for the heavy and medic to hang out and charge the uber
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    Best hint to give. However, i still got a few important factors to keep in mind:
    • Dont have too many open areas, snipers are normaly very effective already so dont make that worse
    • Same for sentries, avoid too many good sentry spots or ensure that they got enough ways to get effectively countered
    • For a spy you should place small healthpacks at ways that they usualy use to refill their cloak. Too large and it would become overpowered unless that place was a huge combat area before. Same for ammopacks even though you want to avoid spies filling cloak to fast. They should use the disguise a bit more often.
    • For heavys ensure that health is close enough for them at combat areas, they move slow and so a long walk never does good
    • allways have a few places that are only limited to scouts, soldiers and demomen. You might want to add a counter route but such small advantages usualy improve the usability of the scout and soldier (demoman dont take those routes often anyway)
    • Dont make very small corridors that are vital, pyros own such areas and sentries are an even bigger pain then
    • And ofcourse, allways have enough cover. Every class needs it and when the cover is placed well then it can also improve the flow of the map
    • Never make a so called 'sentry spot' or 'sniper zone'. those 2 classes are a pain already and they dont need any help in defending at all
    • If there is a hard to spot area or a very dangerous to enter one then it might be recommended to have some windows for it
    • Ensure that maps are over 786 in height in outside areas. 512 usualy is too low due to elevated areas. If the roof is too low you affect soldiers and demoman
    • Allways brighten up risky areas. If people see those areas they are more likely to watch them
    • Balance out areas after you made them. Especialy if you wanted to give a class and advantage. Any advantage to 1 class should be faced with a disadvantage even if its minor (like no health on specific areas)
    • In A/D maps focus on giving the offense advantages. Defenders dont need them as they can quickly rebuild anyway