Class Specific Map Features

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    I'm looking for a bit of inspiration, so I was thinking about different class movement mechanics. What kinds of class specific map features have you guys seen or created in your maps? Things like the trimp ramps in Degroot Keep, or buildings at specific heights for blast jumping or scout's double jump. Other possibilities are gaps that can't be traversed by some classes, such as the second point of Dustbowl that has two ledges next to the left flank, and some classes just aren't fast enough to get the jump distance to cross it. I've been considering making a "sniper tube" as a joke in a map I'm making, with an absurdly long sightline, but it's nowhere near the objective.
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    In one of my earlier maps I've made a ctf map with a huge mid section (suitable for classes like sniper), with two flank routes, one with two small enclosed bridges, for close ranges classes (pyro, heavy, etc.) and an underground tunnel, a bit larger to dodge the huge sightlines (can be used for heavies as well to get through middle without getting shot or spies to avoid being spotted). My map also had some high platforms only to be used for classes that can reach high, with a small healthpack.

    There are lots of ways to improve the map for certain classes, but also keep in mind that another class will indirectly be nerfed once you do that.