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    So I have an idea about a new gametype. It's pretty much regular CTF but with some significant changes (so pretty much not like regular CTF). First of all, this would make use of the [official? unofficial?] 10th class: the Civilian.

    Here are the basic rules:

    • The flag has no return time
    • The Civilian can be healed, backstabbed, set on fire, etc. just like any other class
    • The Civilian has 150 base health and moves at normal speed (like a sniper or engineer)
    • The Civilian has no weapons save for his fists or some other kind of melee weapon
    • Your team's flag is returned to your base when you kill the enemy team's Civilian
    • And most importantly...Only the Civilian can pick up the flag

    I imagine the Civilian could be selected randomly (and the Civilian is an actual human player) at the beginning of a round and the round ends when the flag is captured so someone else can be the Civilian next round. Plus, I think this could probably only be done with a server mod.

    Aaaand, that's pretty much it.

    Any thoughts?
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    One of ctf's great weaknesses in TF2 is that it promotes turtling up in two different ways. A/D control points focus defenders to guard the area around each specific point, and possibly arrange area denial to the entrances to the point area. However, any enemy player can cap the point, and any enemy player is a threat. In CTF, defenders can choose between denying the capture area, denying the flag pickup area, or denying the enemy currently carrying the flag. They only need to do one successfully to win. (Though depending on a map's layout, one or more of these could be quite difficult)

    What you are proposing to do would require far greater teamwork than most public servers are capable of hosting. You're basically saying that the team trying to steal the other team's flag also has to have a handicap of one player, and the defending team never has to worry about any other enemy player from taking the flag, except the most useless one. I'm not quite sure if that would solve the problems with CTF.
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    For me the 10th class is the tank in mvm. And to use that for ctf isnt a bad idea since it has alot of health. But a civilian with low health isnt going to work.

    A. Its a bot, bots are idiots. And thats the first flaw. On low health its a disaster
    B. Players arent suitable as it takes 1 to grief the team to death, not to mention that an idiot civilian also breaks the team.

    By using the tank as flag carrier you can solve most of those issues:

    A. The bot is dumb, but its designed to be dumb and the map is focussed about it
    B. It doesnt die fast. That brings the ability to actualy cover it better
    C. It can simply have any path you want, or it starts near the flag or it starts away from it. In fact, why do you even need a flag if a start and end point is enough?
    D. The tank already exists in the game and players fully understand it.
    E. Its extremely easy to map for.
    F. No arguing about a bad civilian, its a bot with no AI at all.

    The idea of having a ctf map where players themselve cant take the bomb is nice. But dont make it too easy or too hard for a team to stop it. A civilian on a good team is easily protected, and a good players makes it easier. Against a team with a bad civilian you already give steamrolls.
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    if i'm not mistaken, this was a gamemode in TFC. Well at least close to it. The TF2 remake can be found here. From what I remember, it worked pretty well, but the gameplay varied a bit from your idea.
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    This idea wasn't meant to solve any problems with regular CTF just to be like a fun thing to play once in a while like Super Zombie Fortress or Versus Saxton Hale (unless you play either of those regularly). It is in no way meant to replace CTF (I don't think that's what you were insinuating), just something interesting to play every now and then.