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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by littleedge, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. littleedge

    aa littleedge L1111: Clipping Guru

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    Christmas time! 20 days, Eeeeeep!

    How do you guys celebrate Christmas? How do you go about giving/receiving gifts? Essentially, Christmas Story Time.

    And if you don't celebrate Christmas, but celebrate a different holiday around this time, feel free to speak up. I'd be interested in learning how other people and other holidays are celebrated :D
  2. matou

    matou L2: Junior Member

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    My christmas is never really the same the older ive gotten the less "familish" it is especially since my parents are divorced i rarely actually open anything on the 25th but being 20 and on my own Its not that huge of a deal for me anymore. Though i still make sure to go out looking at lights with my mum on the night of the 24th thats my christmas thingy i suppose :p
  3. Grim Tuesday

    aa Grim Tuesday

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    My chem teacher has an "advent calender" until december 23, the first day of winter break.

    My family makes a huge deal out of Christmas. My grandparents come all the way across the country from Wisconsin to stay with us, and of course, we have a huge meal on Christmas eve.

    We always give them some form of decorated cookies, etc... They love it, especially in the "pre christmas gift exchange" the night before, where we open a gift or 2 from various family member.

    Then on the 25th, noone is allowed to come downstairs until everyone is awake. Except my dad to make coffee. Probably a tradition invented because someone forgot to lay out the santa presents for my little sister the night before. (spoiler alert).

    We try to extend the opening of presents as long as possible. We open in the range of one or two an hour until around 6 that night. Its always a competition for who can open the last present.

    so ya
  4. lana

    aa lana Currently On: ?????

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    I celebrate Christmas by claiming I've given up material possessions and that the joy of being together is the only true gift and then whoever I'm talking to will be like, "Oh, alright... well I got you this gift anyway."
  5. C00Kies

    C00Kies L3: Member

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    Lately my family has been going up to Phoenix AZ to see my extended family.

    We make homemade raviolis :wow: (yes we are Italian) a couple of days before Christmas. We also make an assortment of cookies and such as well.

    Then on Christmas we eat the raviolis for lunch and then open presents afterward were someone takes the role as "Santa" if you will who distributes the presents to there owners throughout the room until there all done.

    That's our general Christmas.
  6. PL-7764

    PL-7764 L6: Sharp Member

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    My family does a lot of stuff for Christmas. We don't necessarily do everything every year for a variety of reasons, but we try to do as many of our traditional bits as we can.

    - Tomorrow (Sunday 12/5) is my grandfather's "Fiesta" - a slightly Mexican-themed celebration, since my dad's side of the family traces back to Mexico with my great-grandparents. Not our main gift-giving party on my dad's side - more of a family-oriented get-together.

    - Then a week from tomorrow, we'll go to a smaller party (for us, but not for everyone else there) with some distant cousins at some kind of yacht club. Not really a big party for us, we (or rather, I) don't really know many people there, but they invite us and they're relatives of some sort, so... :p

    - THEN, we'll go downtown on 12/22 and spend the day seeing all the decked-out hotels and stuff. There's usually a big professional-gingerbread-house display set up, with some architecturally-bizarre creations of sugary foodstuffs.

    - THEN, we have Christmas Eve service at church, then Christmas day itself, where we have our at-home thing in the morning, followed by my aunt and uncle's place for the REAL party for my dad's side of the family.

    - THENNNNNN ... we go to my mom's parents' place and do our main party for THAT side. This one's big, and lasts for multiple days. Only 2 days long this year, but it's been longer in the past. Also usually before Christmas, but scheduling says otherwise this time.

    AND THEN, we're finally done. Doesn't seem like so much to do until I try to write it down... :O
  7. Freyja

    aa Freyja It hurt itself in it's confusion!

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    I celebrate by progressing on my life achievement:

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  8. ricardojvc6

    ricardojvc6 L6: Sharp Member

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    I am not going to celebrate christmas this year.. I dunno why
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  9. skinnynerd

    skinnynerd L2: Junior Member

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    "'It's okay, Frank's children just won't get any Christmas presents this year...'
    'He's Jewish!'
    'Don't tell him that, he loves Christmas.'"

  10. Gerbil

    aa Gerbil

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    I celebrate Hanukkah, the 'festival of light' instead.
    Which started along with the biggest forest fire Israel has ever seen. Irony?
  11. DJive

    aa DJive Cake or Death?

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    for me this year I'm working Xmas eve which is normally my what my family celebrates. I work 4:30-1am so no way i would be able to travel and make it which is a bummer.

    as far as gift giving my fiance and I don't normally do it as Xmas costs to much as it is. I can't wait till i get older enough where family comes to me!

    As yes.. i HATE xmas, travel, snow, travel, stupid people, travel etc. I love the family time but it shouldn't be just Xmas that has it.
  12. Ida

    aa Ida deer

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    The Norwegian Christmas is entirely on the 24th for some reason. The day usually starts off with nostalgic cartoons on TV (while the more responsible adults panic to get everything ready), then Church for those who prefer that (although I come from a very very Christian family, I stay away from that, but I come along to visit some graves and stuff) and we receive our guests at 6. All 4 of our remaining close family. We have the most amazing dinner of the year (ribs and stuff), then we open gifts. Slooooowly.

    The first day of Christmas, I devote to being the laziest slob on earth, playing games and eating delicious leftovers.

    Good times.

    What sucks though, is that this year, Christmas is on a Friday. For some reason it was decided that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before that, there will still be school, which is rather ridiculous in my opinion. It'll be a super short Christmas holiday - only 13 days. :(
  13. littleedge

    aa littleedge L1111: Clipping Guru

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    ...Muffin. Shut up. My schedule this year? School every Monday-Friday this month, except for the 24, which is a Friday. I have 10 days off, which is the average number of days I can get off for Christmas. It ranges from 9 to 11, depending on when they holidays fall - We get the 24 to the 1 off for Vacation. Add in any applicable weekends, and you might get 11 days. Unfortunately, my last year with this schedule (next year) is a 9 day holiday :/

    For Christmas, I give my parents a list of things I want. They buy me a majority of it, I'm spoiled around Christmas, and would rather they paid the bills so that they didn't complain so much. But I already tried adding "You paying some bills" to the list and they called me silly.

    When I was younger, I wouldn't be able to sleep that night. So I'd end up getting out of bed around 6 in the morning, and would walk around the house, "intentionally making unintentional loud noises" so that my parents would wake up faster. As soon as my brother got up, we'd storm into their room and make them get up :p Then I got older and had a computer and just played on that until my parents woke up.

    We go to my grandmother's house before lunch and eat lunch there. We open presents and some of us play a game. We'll generally play Poker, but we've substituted it for Taboo, Spoons, and Spit before (and combinations of them all). On Christmas Eve, we'll do the same thing, but have Chinese Food for dinner instead.

    Christmas is by far the best time of the year.
  14. Penguin

    aa Penguin Clinically Diagnosed with Small Mapper's Syndrome

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    I bought lots of gifts for others.

    I got my lady a right-angle spy lens for her camera.
  15. 3Dnj

    aa 3Dnj Ducks

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    I have class the 24, that's sucks !
  16. Bermuda Cake

    Bermuda Cake L9: Fashionable Member

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    one more week 'till I'm freeeeeeeee
    Gift buying for my dad is always easy, I'll just get him one of the indie packs on steam, or a tf2 hat :D
  17. sniprpenguin

    sniprpenguin L6: Sharp Member

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    I have a final exam on the 24th. I have to study hard 2 days before Christmas.
  18. StickZer0

    aa StickZer0 💙💙💃💙💙

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    Haha you guys all suck

    I break up on the 17th and don't go back till like the 4th or 5th
    Will be a good time to work on Brook and stuff

    In my house, we always watch The Nightmare Before Christmas the week leading up to Christmas, and then The Muppet's Christmas Carol on Christmas eve. Tis truly a joyous occasion.
    We're not allowed to open presents till at least 8am, and we can only open one every 30 minutes. At around 11:20 we head off to church for the post-service party thing, and meet old friends and get drunk etc.
    Then we have Christmas Dinner.

    I love Christmas sooooooooo much! :D
  19. LeSwordfish

    aa LeSwordfish semi-trained quasi-professional

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    My christamas is pretty much ^ except minus the films and orgasms and church.

    This year we are going to my cousins house though, and my uncle is a professional chef, so a food-related orgasm may well be on the cards.

    And we havent had a christmas without "The Great Escape" in years, so, yeah, films.

    We never go to church, or do anything religious- occasionally we go to a carol service on 24th with some religious friends. My family are all atheist.

    This year for christmas, i predict eating too much, and having my arse whupped on the wii by my cousin, who's 11 and awesome.

    Mostly though, i do a lot of acting; so for a couple of years christmas has been "the reason i am in seven plays at once and rehearsing until eleven every night"
  20. REEJ

    REEJ L7: Fancy Member

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    just thinking about christmas makes me tired
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