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    With Snakewater finished up for the upcoming ETF2L season, I've got another treat for you.

    Here's cp_chinook! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2447457/cp_chinook_a1.bsp

    Currently in a1 version, I've tried to create a straightforward 5 CP map, but playing around a lot with the connectors between the points to create some interesting gameplay.

    CP 1:

    The area is divided into two, which forces teams to coordinate their defence. There's a lot of vertical action with three distinct levels of gameplay. Aggressive and mobile play is rewarded.

    CP 2:

    Overlooked by a bridge and a small hut, the point is situated on low ground in this yard. Key will be controlling the gih ground surrounding the point. The wide connectors allow a lot of crazy plays.

    CP 3:

    Situated on a bridge, this spacious mid point requires teams to control the air before moving forward with ground units. The lower area allows for flanks and surprising plays.

    Try it out, and give me your feedback! As you can tell the visuals are very basic for now while I'm focusing on the gameplay.
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    Lookin' Good! I'm interested to see how that last point will work out.