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    I am thinking of running my own server, wich host do you guys use? And i also don't want to spend to much money on it
    Because i really couldn't google things :(
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    There are a lot of considerations when looking for a host. Player count (16 slots and 24 are most common, but you have to take reserved slots into account if you want them too), ticrate, server hardware...all important in deciding who to go with.

    Personally, I run a 20-slot server hosted by Wolfservers. It runs just short of $40 a month, paid primarily out of pocket and by donations from regulars. It's 100 ticrate, which is higher than most (the standard is 66) and has fairly standard server hardware (quad Xeon, 4GB of RAM on a gigabit line). I've found their support to be very good, and they actually have real humans that communicate without copy-paste responses. I'd recommend them in a heartbeat.

    There are plenty of providers out there though, so shop around. The term you'll want to search is "game server provider" instead of just server host, since most of the best companies specialize in game hosting.

    Hope that helps!
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    We use dreamhost for our redirect and they are extremely inexpensive and easy to work with.
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    740 server is hosted by

    I've used them for years and would highly recommend them based on support and server locations/hardware

    a 24 man is 35.95.

    Server Slots are $1.50
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