Chaos vs. Ultimecia! A battle between Time!

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    Instead of the Warriors of Light defeating the main antagonist Chaos, Chaos kills them effortlessly . After doing so, Ultimecia mysteriously shows up and challenges Chaos. Both characters have time based attributes, Chaos having the pact he made with the elemental fiends and Ultimecia being a time witch.
    Who do you think will win?
    Watch the video to find out.

    The video begins in a first person point of view and then switches to a second person point of view. At the same time, the story begins from a hero's perspective and switches to an antagonists. It makes you sympathize for Chaos, or rather pick an antagonist to root for. While I don't show who's speaking directly, I emphasize on who's speaking with the dialog box which juxtaposes the antagonists. I attempted to add a climax at the end of the video by having Squall drop in from the ceiling above.
    I've synchronized the music with the events within the video, you may notice this at the
    beginning and the end of the video.
    A lot of work was put into making this video, the editing alone took about four days but the planning took a great deal longer.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Chaos vs Ultimecia! A battle between time![/ame]
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    why does he look nothing like cornelia's night?

    But jokes aside, I found it quite boring, It could be just me as I never liked those kind of games anyway (beside pokemon of course)

    The thing that bothered me was that some things didnt fit quality wise. You probably intended a classic look but some stuff looked too good compared to the rest
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    The protagonists wouldn't have died if they had a red mage with them.