Changing the skin of cap_point_base.mdl ?

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    Anyone know what I'd have to do to get the base for a control point to switch skins when it is cap'd? I used the tutorial on making a gravel pit style map - and made it a prop_dynamic - fiddled with the outputs a bit no luck yet.

  2. slix00

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    On the capture point, on output bluecap, input skin 1 to the prop.

    Something like that. Theres a tutorial for making cps on the valve wiki
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    On the trigger_capturearea go to the outputs
    Click Add
    Select OnCapTeam1 (red)
    Then select the name of the cap point base ('base1' is good but you have to make the cap base a prop dynamic with a name)
    Then select Skin from the drop down list on the 3rd line
    and then type a 1 in the parameters box (red skin)
    Next, you click copy and then paste
    then change onCapTeam1 to onCapTeam2 (blu)
    leave the next 2 boxes alone
    then in the 4th box type 2 (blu skin)
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