Changing Spawn Rooms For Players On Capture

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    Never been able to figure this one out properly.

    What's the best way to teleport players in one room to their new room without killing them then a cap point has been capped by the opposing team?.

    i.e. They've just respawned inside their room, team x caps point locking the door and the player stuck inside should be automatically transported to their next starting point.
  2. DrSquishy

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    Use a trigger_teleport in the old spawn tied to an info_teleport_destination or whatever in the new spawn room. just send an Enable input to the teleport on whatever event
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    if you wanna get fancy and do something like valve does you can set rounds like they do and set player spawn location change based on rounds. unless for whatever reason you need the game to continue without rounds, you can also do what valve does and have forward respawns when their capture zone progresses. anyone who spawns at the exact moment that next point is capped will still have to walk the long way but anyone spawning after the capture will be at the new forward spawn.
    otherwise if you require people moved up actively you can do what DrSquishy suggested and teleport any stray respawns forwards, and also set a respawn change so they dont need to be teleported after the fact.
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    as long as you disable all the old spawn entities and enable the new entities, trigger_teleport is the best option