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    well it's nice to know that they do add/change things that are suggested, but personally i'm curious how they choose which things need adding.

    maybe we could compile a list together as a community over a few weeks, and then send the top 10 fixs/changes/additions to valve?

    i have my own short list of things i'd like to see fixed/added:

    - fix func_rotate (i mean come on, how long has this been broken?)

    - brush based entity that forces a dropped flag to return (e.g. if you fall into a pit with a hurt brush in it, the flag can't get retrieved, so it'd be better off returning)

    - input for forcing a CP to be at 0% 25% 50% 75% etc capped -> so you could tie it to other events on the map (such as a moving platform for example)

    - ability to filter by class. ("filter_TFcharacterclass"?)

    - ability to make an ambient generic play everywhere, but only be heard by one team (e.g. for adding announcements that don't fit to normal announcement conditions - like if you want a defending team to know when the attackers pass through a door for the 1st time, but don't want to make it appear as text on screen)

    - a brush based entity that reacts to engineers as if it were a building. (complete with allowing a filter for setting red/blu/any, and a way to add health to it)
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