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    I try to add a key binding to change my name. I know I can change my steam name, but I just want to change my in-game name, not the steam name.

    Normally you type in the console:
    setinfo name "MacNetron <TWM|TF2Maps>"
    But I want a key binding to make things faster.
    There the problems unfortunately start...

    alias "change_name" setinfo name "MacNetron <TWM|TF2Maps>"
    bind "F12" "change_name"
    Doesn't work. Probably a "" issue.

    Trying to get rid of "" gives
    alias "new_name" "MacNetron <TWM|TF2Maps>"
    alias "change_name" "setinfo name new_name"
    bind "F12" "change_name"
    Which renames me to 'new_name'.


    Also, all that trying around, I appear to have deleted the cancel build for the enigineer, as it shows now: "hit '< not bound >' to cancel".
    How do I rebind that option, because sometimes I need to cancel to shoot back :)
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