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    Hi all,

    I have no technical expertise in map building and I'm currently floored with work. I had this idea for a map for TF2 - a large square shaped WW1 or 2 cemetery with tombstones instead of crosses.

    I noticed that most of the maps for TF often lack cover or have chokepoints - where snipers and rocket spammers have a field day.

    I'd like to see a more open map- but one that still has plenty of cover.

    The battleground takes place in a cemetery with plenty of tombstones, masoleums and cemetery ornaments (like the WW2 Marine Core memorial but with TF2 figures, stone statues of gargorles, angels, etc..) for attacking or defending enemy to hide or take cover from.


    Here's an idea http://northstargallery.com/pages/PereHist.htm




    But perhaps less ornate then Lachaise... eh? Something more structured similar to the Buttes War Cemetery. But instead of crosses, there are plenty of tombstones, big and small that provide varying degrees of cover.


    I envisage two very large chapels with bell towers and mausoleums at opposite ends of the map which serve as spawn points. Looking something like this:

    Troops can climb up the mausoleum and of course the bell tower to snipe or shoot at the enemy. But its accessible from all sides - so the snipers can expect a spy or pyro as an unwelcome companion at any time.

    Several grave pits are open to provide extra cover or a suitable resting place :)

    There's also a three small size memorials somewhere in between - with health packs and ammo and provide cover even for standing troops.

    Basically a large square map. There are no choke points unlike 2fort. And the tombstones help attacking troops against camping snipers - whilst at the same time advantages pyros and hw guys who can use the tombstones to duck and weave and ambush.

    Something in it for everyone.
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    Some good ideas there, but I think most of us are already knee deep in projects. I know I am...
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    Lol... yeah. I've got a better idea of map I want to do, but still have about another month left on this one. :001_unsure:
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    Père-Lachaise would be a great setting for a TF2 map. It would take a lot of custom models to make it look like the place though. You do the models and I'll do the map. :)
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    There is a tombstone prefab pack for Counterstrike source on FPSbanana if its any use to you. just open the vmf and copy them into the TF2 map.
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    Lol. I have never done any modelling D: and the thought of learning it all scares me. :crying:

    I'd prefer the place modeled after Buttes Military Cemetry - clean simple lines - to avoid the "cluttered look" of Pere Lachaise. Too many ornate status would probably cause havoc with pple's frame rates.

    Just a quick idea on the chapels - just for ideas- it'd probably be better to use 1950 style buildings - Brutism style - blocky angular concrete buildings in keeping with the 1950 theme of TF2.

    Something like this- the St John's Abbey at Minnesota but preferably a bit smaller so that it does not offer too great a height advantage for snipers.

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