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KotH Caved In A1

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Jun 28, 2016
Caved In - The fight for shelter.

koth_cavedin is a map in where 2 teams will fight for the only shelter in Timbuktu.

Known bugs:
  • Respawn cabinets only open one respawn cabinet's door.
  • Reflections broken in spectator cameras for capture point

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Lasers are just deadly rainbows
Oct 11, 2013
Hello Tallan!

I've been running around the map and made some notes:

  • There are no walls or props marking the border of the map. It may be small, but you've put a player clip at the borders and expected to reach the skybox.

  • This is a big problem: you can see the spawn exit at the top of the hill. Expect to see a sniper up here scoping right into the spawnroom.

  • Remove the ladders, too confusing for new players :p
  • Now being serious, I've shot that prop and it appears to have a box-like collision mesh. So bullets and other projectiles can't go through the gaps.
  • The capture area is unmarked and rather small. You should mark it and make it a bit bigger so it isn't as big as the control point prop.
  • One one side we have a health pack, and the other an ammo pack. For balancing purposes there should be only ammopack/healthpack or both.
  • I've only got on that platform via rocket jumping, and it leads to this:

  • Another spot that can look the spawnroom doors, but this time it's higher.

  • I tried to get up there rocket jumping from the outside but, of course, I failed :I - This could work as an alternate route to get to the point, but the only way
  • I have some suggestions on how to help the things I've said above:

It basically follows the Viaduct Formula, and it should separate the map in spawnroom-courtyard-mid i think it goes like that, never knew the names
But if you can come up with some different "formula" like Nucleus does, feel free to try it out!

Hope you find it helpful!