CP Catalyst A1

Fight for full network control in a dynamic 3CP-Steel hybrid!

  1. saph

    aa saph seventeen shades of various blues

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    Catalyst - Fight for full network control in a dynamic 3CP!

    "Fight for full network control in a dynamic 3CP!"

    When middle is capped (takes 12 seconds), it opens up two pathways to lobby. Last takes 3 seconds to capture.

    Originally made in 72 hours, however, lobby was completely overhauled in the A1 (submitted to the DynCP contest). Thanks to @Yrr for the locked door texture!
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  2. Lain

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    Hey, we played this last night and I very much enjoyed it, for a gamemode I hate I think you made it work very well, gratas.
    There are a few problems though:
    1. How you are handling the last time being reduced is screwing with the hud, I suggest you just make this map normal 3cp with the dynamic door. I also don't think incentivising backcapping helps the map.
    2. Looks like you've compiled on Fast, because there are a lot of FPS issues with the level.
    3. When middle is capped by the enemy team, their dynamic door doesn't close.
    4. The last is much too slow to cap, it needs to be at least 5 seconds shorter.
    5. The area between last and middle is a little oversized, but I really like the style you have going on. Try shrinking each area by around 128-192 units or so.

    If you want help with any of this stuff just shoot me a message, i'd be more than happy to help you with further design decisions and technical issues.
  3. radarhead

    aa radarhead Level 20 "Mapper"

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    This map feels like an art installation
  4. saph

    aa saph seventeen shades of various blues

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    • redid lighting
    • redid layout (mostly lobby)
    • cleaned up sightlines and brushwork
    • added/moved/deleted health/ammo packs for more clear, and simple positioning
    • added overlays (pointing to both middle and last)
    • various small clipping changes
    • textured the dynamic doors

    • lowered cap time (22 to 12 seconds)
    • widened middle overall
    • changed entrances to middle (more of a back-side entrance unless a team captures middle)

    • completely redone (except that rock)
    • entrances surround lobby, and the cascading 'tiers' are gone (they were pretty)
    • made more or a risk-reward situation (peek for vision into last)
    • lowered cap time (34/7 to 3 seconds)
    • shoved spawns back
    • removed balcony (now a smaller ledge)
    • changed the spawn-doors-to-point sightline
    Overall, I feel that I made some necessary and very positive changes to the map while keep the style (for the most part). With some rescaling, I feel that the map will be more suited for larger groups (such as the full 24-player TF2M servers....), and I look forward to future updates. I would like to release an update within the next one or two weeks. Good luck to everyone in the Dynamic CP contest!

    • fix the middle doors (from lobby); they both open at the same time (interesting though)
    • make all overlays point in one direction
    • shift pickups a little bit
    • fix area under lower-middle-to-lobby (gap under planks)
    • optimize
    • build cubemaps

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  5. Turnip

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