PL Casserole rc3

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Feb 28, 2016
Casserole - {Inset Cracklife reference here}

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A Mystery contact has asked BLU to deliver a Casserole to a microwave in the borderworld Xen. Sadly during transportation the beloved scientist Dr Walter has become stuck in the Casserole but the mission must go on! Now it's up to RED to save Walter's life before he becomes a Casserole Cataclysm!

- Push the Casserole to the Microwave!

- Dont fall!

- Looks out of Walter's evil twin and the Gman!

- Avoid the Houndeyes!

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My entry for this year's TF2maps April Fools contest, I called it rc1 but it's more like a mid/late beta to be honest, in this case rc stands for:

Can't be bothered to work on this map anymore right now
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Feb 28, 2016
New Version!

- Pretty sure I fixed the skybox, can't test this but it seems to work
- Optimised the map a bit more
- Did a final compile of the map without the cordon tool left on, D'oh!
- Added missing sound files

- Final point and Red spawn redone so it's less easy for RED to Camp final area
- Cart now goes towards the Nihilanth
- Scientist cart noises less spammy
- Centre island no longer moves up and down, pool of water stops fall damage (also heals slightly)
- Houndeyes have been repositioned and given more animations

- Announcer lines has been replaced by custom Vox lines
- Fungus Balls! right now you can walk through them but I'll fix that later
- Glow Lights added to map

Known Issues
- Sometimes sound files break and spam console. To fix this, delete your soundcache under tf/sound, this should only happen once if it every does
- Fungus balls have no hitbox
- Some of the Nihilanth's logic will still run after the game is run.
casserole_0000_Layer 7.jpg casserole_0001_Layer 6.jpg casserole_0006_Layer 1.jpg casserole_0002_Layer 5.jpg casserole_0003_Layer 4.jpg casserole_0004_Layer 3.jpg casserole_0005_Layer 2.jpg

Read the rest of this update entry...
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Feb 28, 2016
Whomobile updated Casserole with a new update entry:

The SOUND update

- Switched from sound override method to soundscript method for custom sounds, this will fix any sound issues when switching maps
- Replaced many (not all!) weapon sounds with fitting Half Life or Quake sounds using soundscripts
*If you run into any problems with sound (notibly the "failed to create decoder for MP3" console spam), first try snd_restart in console as a quickfix, and then delete all sound.cache files (tf folder > search for sound.cache > delete all) and restart TF2...

Read the rest of this update entry...

Katsu! :3

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Jul 30, 2021
Never expected a new version 4 years later :O