CAP that is not neccesary to win (Intermediate Tutorial)

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    Intermediate Tutorial

    I tried to solved this problem 4 a long time and because I didn't find any tutorial about this I ll write one myself ^^

    Basicly my idea was to create a building that will be acting like capture point (cap) so when a random team capture it they receive a reward (some doors open, health or ammo pack apper etc)

    I started from working around game_round_win so when a team caps final point output (o) will set winning team to (2-red 3-blu) and sec o will finish round. This is quite simple however in the result window there is a message that winning team won by defending 0.o == not good.

    So there is another way that i found (its even simpler and it was looking so obvious when i look at it now)

    1. So lets have 3 regular caps + 2 extra (optional to capture)


    a) I set up 2 extra caps to be not restricted when teams can cap but obviously you can work around team_control_point to suit your needs.
    b) I chose to hide their presence to not confuse players. Just look at the flags of team_control_point. Tick "Hide Control point In HUD" and model hidden (or not)
    c) you can create as many points you want ^^ your choice but dont pick more then 10 :p

    2. Then the most importent part. Pick two final points. I'll do it for red team winnig (capturing blu home cap)

    a) trigger_capture_area
    house_control_point_blu (my first not optional cap)
    2 (red-2 blu-3 none-0)

    And now you can see where it is going instead of excluding extra caps from winnig tring cheat on the game rules, we just set the owners of those point to the team that caps final point ^^

    o: (continue)
    house_control_point_red (my sec not optional cap)

    then you just have to reapet the proces related to red's home cap.

    At the end make sure that both teams have to cap all of restricted caps before the caping final!!!

    So thats my way of doing it if you know better (easier) way of doing it pls give me a shout through steam: steam id:gottimw steam nick: |a51|GoTTi

    Tutorial written for great type3studios forum
    Happy Mapping GOTTImw

    PS sry 4 any spellings mistakes
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