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cap pont that doesnt affect win conditions

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by x14u2cx, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. x14u2cx

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    I'm making a ctf map with a central point that when controlled will open another path into or near the lintel room and i'm currently experimenting with entities to see if this is possible. The problem i'm havening is that when i cap the point it triggers a win, i looked at disabling both teams from capping, but i can only block red or blue from capping. I also need to make it so teams don't earn points for capping the point, no luck here either. The only way i was able to get past both of these was to remove the team_control_point_master which removed it from the hud, thats not something i want to do unless i have to.
  2. Altaco

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    In one of the control point entities, I forget which, you can specify "prevent team from winning round by controlling all points." It might be team_control_point_master.
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    Altaco: Unfortunately the choices are red/blu/neither. Since there's no "Both", it won't help.

    I just did this in [ame=""]ctf_spring[/ame]. I do want to warn you that trying the hybrid-ctf/cp GUI (dropping in tf_logic_hybrid_ctf_cp) will make it so that you can't see how many caps (e.g. out of three) either team has. Still working on that.

    Anyway, I'm using two control points, but only one is inside the map or shown on the hud. The other is hiding out in a box outside the normal map.

    I have a team_control_point_master entity, and the "Cap Layout" is set to "0" to show only the 0th-indexed cap point--the one people can capture. My second (non-accessible) team_control_point point has Index" set to "9". I also ticked the flags on it for "Hide Control Point On Hud", which is probably the bit that actually helps.
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