Can't Pakrat a custom model properly?

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    I'm using Pakrat to include Snipergen's red Dirty Bomb Cart model in my payload map, but for some reason, this does not work properly, and I have no idea what to do. I've released both an a2a version (where I Pakratted the wrong files...) and an a2b version. In the latest version, I KNOW that I've included all the files for the model, yet just recently I discovered that it shows up as a white wireframe in-game (even though I have the model on my computer, it shows up as a white wireframe for me too).

    These are the files in the pak:

    All of those but the vmt and vtf files show up when I use the auto function. Those are all the files that I can find in the Dirty Bomb Cart archive as well.

    I've got all the files. I'm 100% sure I correctly Pakratted them into the map. Still, the cart does not show up properly. What could have gone wrong?

    EDIT: Why do I always solve a problem right after I ask for help? :O
    I think the reason it was messed up was because I had some duplicate files in there. At least the model looks fine to me now. I'm uploading a2c to the site now. If someone would confirm that the model does work, that would be great.
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