Can you "unbuild" cubemaps?

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    I was reading on the HammerWiki that each time you build cubemaps it increases bsp size, implying that if you build them several times the increased bsp size from prior builds of the cubemaps stays in your map (read here:

    I've built cubemaps in my map a few times as I added them to certain select places to test the materials there. Is there a way to "unbuild" them to return to the lower bsp size? Or should I just rename the vmf file, recompile and build again only once?
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    What it's talking about is if you rename the BSP, the cubemaps no longer work because the embedded images are still named for the old BSP name (and if you then build for the new name, the old are still there). Rebuilding them with the same name overwrites previous versions, and recompiling generates a completely fresh BSP without any cubemaps.
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    you could open up the bsp in pakrat and delete the existing cubemaps :)