Can anyone give me a hand with a Maya problem?

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    I'm hoping someone can help me out with this, since it's locked me down completely for a week.

    I'm making a game in Unreal, and trying to import an animation from Mixamo, however i'm having trouble with it: I need to add a root bone, for which i'm following this tutorial:
    The short version is: Import animation, add root bone, move the transforms on the old root (the hip) to the new root bone, export. With me so far?

    This all seems to have gone well, but Maya is exporting with an additional bone, called "transform1", between the Root bone and the pelvis bone. This means that when I import it to Unreal, it won't connect to the skeleton correctly. I'm completely completely inexperienced in Maya, so don't even know what to google to figure out how to get rid of this - i'm finding that there are such things as "transform nodes", but I can't find any advice on how to find and show these, or how to delete them, or prevent them from happening in the first place. (Or even if that's what's happening.)

    Can anyone help? How (in words of one syllable, please) do I find and nuke this transform node? Is there a way to adjust the transform of the root that doesn't create it in the first place? (Alternatively I have only two animations that need this adjustment: I suspect anyone who knows what they're doing could fix it in seconds.)

    Thanks in advance!