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    CTF_Buzwagi; Alpha 2, Stage 1 by ghouly

    Summary: ctf_buzwagi is my first attempt at a TF2 map, and my entry into the TF2M Annual Major Contest #3. I began the learning process about a month ago, and learned everything from the forums and various people from the chat room. There are plenty of minor issues I have with the map that hopefully people can give me assistance with, once they see them. I've also used a variety of resources from the community to create the map, and gave credit for it below.

    The game play is centered around the Push CTF game type, and focused heavily on allowing the defense to defend against instant caps due to the game mode. Eventually, the map will contain plenty of varied terrain, with increasing difficulty in capturing each point for the offensive team, while giving the defensive team the tools to let every class succeed, as well as plenty of hidden gems for players to discover along the way! And as for the name, "Buzwagi" is a large gold mine located in Africa. I hope to incorporate this into the story of the map and the detailing later down the road.

    Change Log:
    A1; Base map, all developer textures.
    a1a ~ a1g: Removing mistakes, fixing doors and adding pathways and basic map detailing.
    a2; - Added some detail to floor, first point, random spots throughout map
    - Changed roof of first point
    - Changed paths to second point due to risk/reward being out of balance
    - Changed roof angle, roof opening, added windows, widened room, added windows
    - Adjusted first point's health and metal packages
    - Completely re-did second point, was far too easy to cap
    - Changed paths due to risk/reward.
    - Added sniper deck at back of second point
    - Added alternate spawn exit
    - Added cap point based signage similar to Badwater Basin
    - Added additional playerclips for smoother gameplay
    - Adjusted map lighting
    - Increased intel drop time from 15 to 30 seconds, added |3eeron's intel timer.
    - Lots of additional, more subtle details.

    Future plans:

    Adding 2 additional stages, with the final stage aving 3 control points.
    Redoing the roof on CP 1, Stage 1
    Adjusting the spawn times where needed

    If you hate my map, please give me constructive criticism! I am trying to make this map a success, and want you to give me all the information I can get!

    Problems I know about:

    - Small black textures through-out the map
    - Extremely dark pop-up signs
    - Red text in console

    If you see any additional problems, please let me know! Also, if you know how to fix them, tell me that too! :blushing:

    Thank yous and credits:
    + Youme for creating the CTF Push prefab.
    + Schmitz for his wonderful Intel models, and the TF2M "subtle" posters.
    + |3eeron for the awesome intel timer idea and VTF
    + Huge thanks to TF2MAPS.net for all the incredible tutorials!
    + Everyone in the community chat room for helping me with random questions / noob mistakes
    + My housemates for giving me a million pieces of advice at every turn.
    + Valve for making TF2
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    Game day bump. :c Seemed everyone hated on it mostly, hopefully I get some constructive ideas for the map.
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    Didn't get a chance to play myself but I did record a demo last night. Sorry I don't have any specific feedback since it looks like gameday didn't draw the feedback you want.

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    I appreciate the help. Currently, I'm redesigning the map and will hopefully have a full two stages, with drastic changes to the 2nd point on the first stage soon.