Building a ramp for demoknights

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Vhonny Barjo

L1: Registered
Aug 7, 2018
Hi all,

first time on the forum, glad to see such a community for tf2. And thanks everyone for the efforts, resources, and fun.
I got a question for a testing map I am doing. I would like to add a ramp for demoknight to be able to join easily a point and add a new route for them. however just inclining a prop doesn't seem to help them to take out. Either I am to bad to fly while demoknighting, either I missing something. I haven't find anything yet on the forum.
Anyone got a clue?




we've all had better times to die
Feb 10, 2017
I believe demoknight ramps need to have a slope greater than 45 degrees, otherwise they'll act as a stair/ramp