Build Around the Track Contest Winners!

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    And the results are in! The fight between First and Second was close, but more importantly, the fight between Fourth and Fifth was closer!

    Fifth: Sergis with a score of 4.409!
    Fourth: English Mobster with a score of 4.495!
    Third: Wimples with a score of 4.673!
    Second: Loc_n_Lol with a score of 5.582!
    First: Grazr with a score of 5.705!

    Sergis and English Mobster walk away with Nothing but the knowledge that they made a decent map out of my shitty track! Wimples walks away with $10 and a month of Donator on these here forums!
    Loc_n_Lol is stuffing $20 and three months of Donator into his bra!
    And that means the man drunkenly sticking his tongue out at the others, while clutching $30, is none other than Grazr! What will he do with the 6 months of Donator that he doesn't need? Who knows!

    Here's a colorful picture of the results.

    Winners, please contact me, preferably through Steam, to get your prizes. You can spend it on crap in TF2 or Steam, or just get it in cold hard digital Paypal form.
    Everybody who was too cool to join in on the fun of BATT, congratulate these five awesome people who are now more important than you.
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    Awesome. Sorry I forgot to vote, I was doing it and then ADD kicked in. Should really start taking my medicine every day, even when I'm not in school. Congratulations to the winners + Sergis and Mobster! You stuck with something, and that's more than I could do. And you made some pretty decent maps too. Well done!
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    Wow, really close competition, but i don't think anyone would have it any other way.

    Thanks to everyone who tested and voted on the maps :D
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    Congratz to all the winners of the compution, now leave the arena and rest. YOU HAVE EARNED IT!

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    gj all of you and congratulations to the winners
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    Nice job, congratulations to all the winners.