Bug with looping ambient_generics

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Feb 12, 2017
After map compiled and tested ingame all sounds works fine, but there a bug with them after restarting map. Most of looping sounds plays not in right place, just on random map positions.
This bug can be randomly and sounds always plays on random positions but not where ambient_generic placed.

This bug seems to be only with looping ambient_generics.


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Dec 16, 2014
There are sounds that "can't" be looped even if the appropriate flag is marked in the entity's Flags. You can however use a logic_timer to re-play the sound as soon as it ends (be accurate on the sound's length and assign it to the logic_timer entity). Also make sure the "Play everywhere" option is unmarked so you don't hear the sound(s) on "random spots" (actually, 'everywhere'.)


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Oct 28, 2017
No, this bug seems to be only on ambient_generics with all unmarked flags. All of looping sounds don't use any of flags.
Also, method with timer works bad because timers sometimes won't play sound if you stay next to them.

Looped ambient_generics NEED to start silent, use a logic_auto to play them immediately

Also mentioned on the VDC page: "Looping sounds that do not start silent cannot be controlled!"
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