"Buddha" area in map.

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    If anyone played on trade map: "trade_bm_tower" you will know what im talking about.

    So i wan't same thing. buddha area in map where you can't actualy damage anyone but rocket jumping ant etc. works.

    This is what bm_tower using:


    Or if you know who made this map leave his steam profile i will ask him myself.
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    They're using a plugin that's keyed specifically to the name safezone. All the trigger_multiple does is pass the player ('!activator") to the plugin, the plugin actually handles the buddha part.

    I don't know what plugin it is specifically, but you'd have to have sourcemod installed as well. Just do a google for "sourcemod buddha" and you might recognize which one it is from the description.

    Note that this is not something you can tie to the map specifically. It requires the server owner to also install a plugin.
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    But on the flipside, it works perfectly when it does.