BT's short video series looking back on his old maps

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    Hello all,

    I recently got nostalgic about TF2 mapping and started making a short video series showing off some old .BSP files I found on an old harddrive.

    The videos are embedded below. Almost all the maps are from 2-4 years ago or so. Maybe more! I have no grasp of time.

    Episode 1: Throwback to my old TF2 maps

    This takes a look at 4 old maps:
    - dualpayloads: has nothing to do with two payloads
    - airblastravaganza: Pyro vs Pyro airblast-only map
    - pl_btbw_wheels: a tug-of-war payload map setup
    - koth_cakeday_b3: a birthday KOTH map I made for friends, features a giant cake as the control point

    Episode 2:

    The maps discussed in the video are:
    - cp_activate: My attack/defend 3 stage CP map. I only ever made stage 1 (probably remade that stage 30 times)
    - cow_activate: Another version of activate, but with 8 cows instead of points.
    - cow_dustbowl: Literally dustbowl with cows instead of points
    - kotc_prefab: A proof of concept using cows instead of a point for king of the hill style gameplay.

    Hopefully at least one person finds at least part of this interesting! I'm not entirely sure why I've decided to start making videos, but any feedback is great and if anyone wants to talk about any of the maps, please let me know here, I'll try to keep an eye out.

    I know the clips don't have any audio other than my narration. The recording lost the audio somehow.
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