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    BSP Map Stripper [Map Protect] - map-stripper

    What is this? This program (For map stripping) with extension (For fake download) for server allows you to strip entity's from map, by doing "Fake-Download" for client.


    You have koth_example.bsp, server's one have ALL entity's but client's doesn't, so if client going to open .bsp, all entity's would disappear!


    To get this work you need to have

    You need non automatic FastDL. If you have
    FastDL that automatically copies maps from your servers to FastDL, this method wouldn't work

    Before applying obfuscation make sure map isn't compressed. If so, then uncompress it

    This program works only with TF2 maps.

    What it does?

    Applies modified texture hack to the map

    Strips all entities from map

    So, how to use:

    1. Drop your map to BSPStripper.exe, it will generate stripped version of this map with .stripped extension

    2. After this, upload normal and stripped version of your map to /maps folder of your server. So, there must be 2 files, one with .bsp extension and one with .bsp.stripped

    3. So, next you need to pack your stripped map via bzip2.exe. Just drop it to bzip2.exe and you are done

    4. As soon as your map get packed, rename it and remove .stripped extension, so, as example, it should looks like: dr_example_b1.bsp.bz2 after rename

    5. Upload your .bz2 map to fastdl

    6. Upload mapprotector.ext. <so/dll> and mapprotector.autoload to your sourcemod/extensions folder

    7. Reboot your server or just type sm exts load mapprotector into server console

    8. Thats all, now you can change map to protected one :)
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