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Brushes and func_details

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by RaTcHeT302, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. RaTcHeT302

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    I transformed all the brushes in my map into func_details, is there any problem with that? I heard that it does something related to visleafs, that it helps to optimize the map but I don't know if I am doing it correctly.
  2. grazr

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    If you read into it properly you should come to the understanding that func_detail should only be used for detail geometry. Things like wooden trusses, metal I-beams and the sort. Do not func_detail your entire map. Func_detail informs the compiler (vvis.exe to be more precise) to ignore the brush in question during the compilation process. This speeds up the compile time by allowing you to pre-emptively simplify visleaf formations into simpler, larger unbroken shapes. What this means is fewer calculations are required by vvis in order to determine what is rendered from where as each visleaf adds additional calculations to the process.

    If you func_detail your entire map vvis will bypass all of your geometry and everything will be rendered at once, causing even greater performance problems than if you hadn't bothered at all. You need to keep large, solid geometry that blocks line of site in tact.
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  3. tyler

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    Look at some of the SDK maps in Hammer and toggle func_detail on and off. It will probably help to turn off tools first just to make it not chug.
  4. phantombadger

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    What Grazr said.

    You shouldnt have entire detail map.

    Really what you want to do while mapping is start with base geometry. test it, make sure its enclosed etc. this will stay as your world geometry. the rest can be made into detail if you like. but only detail items should be. you may run into errors like Areaportals dont touch two sides, or brush does not contain solids in portal 0, at coordinate . . .

    Things like trusses, beams, stairs, Roofs on outdoor buildings, or building that you cant touch. complex items like columns or spirals. anything that isnt a displacement that is detail.
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