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Broken Lighting + Pink Squares In Reflections

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by butter_milch, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. butter_milch

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    After compiling and starting the map I'm working on I get the reflection of pink squares on water and glass plus the rocks I use in the map recieve different lighting although their lighting values are all the same.

    Here are two screens of the bugs + a console screen:

    1. the rock on the left is much darker than the rest:

    2. pink squares reflected on glass:

    3. console with various error messages:

    Also, it happens with all compiling methods, fast and final. I don't know what to do, Google couldn't help me.
  2. Steff0o

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  3. Another Bad Pun

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    To fix the pink checker board squares, you need to add some env_cubemaps.
    Once you put them in the level, (one in about every room,) compile your map. It will look the same, but to get the refelctions right you need to go to the develepor console and type in these commands in order.

    mat_specular 0
    mat_specular 1
    sv_cheats 1
    sv_cheats 0

    Restart the game, load your map, and it will work.

    The dark rock which is strangely darker than the rest can be fixed using this tutorial by Youme:
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  4. Seba

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    Don't worry about the console errors; they're skybox- and cubemap-related, and the ones about SOLID_VPHYSICS can be fixed by making those props nonsolid.
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