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CTF bridgedock v6

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Stack Man

L3: Member
Aug 26, 2016
I think the centerpiece is too hard to access. There's only one normal path and it's very out of the way. I was thinking a ramp like one of these would work well.

I also think that this roof spot could use another way up. Maybe some props to jump on.


Finally, the sniper window near spawn covers too much area, and is very hard for any class other than another sniper to attack. Even if an enemy manages to get to that spot from inside, it's still right next to spawn. I suggest just removing it altogether.

Drages Nolya

L1: Registered
May 11, 2018
i think its importaint that the roof is not accsessable by the opposing team, as there is a very quick route into the intel room from there and it would become the best way for scouts to attack, but my most recent version has nerfed the sniper window and allowed for more movement around the map