KotH Bridge

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    This is my first ever map, a koth map focused on center control point over water. The spawn sides are mostly mirrored, and each team has a separate battlements area off to either side with ammo and health. I couldn't have made this map without the help of Crash's tutorials, so a big thanks goes out to him. I still haven't learned how to use displacements properly or how to do a pretty skybox, so those are next on my to do list. Any help that you can provide is very much appreciated, so thanks a million everyone, and enjoy koth_bridge!
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    Might be good not to use that prop over the control point, since it's already a center point on a map, although i'm not sure what the general consensus is.
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    I believe that prop's present location is just fine. Those long, straight, hallways will have to go though.
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    Why do those side areas even exist? They look completely inconsequential to the point, the spawns, and all routes betwixt the two.

    That said, if you removed them it'd just be a box of death around the point.

    So I'd recommend expanding those long-straight-tunnels-of-doom into full on exterior routes to send more central gameplay to those side routes and give them a bit of purpose and flow.
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