Brickyard Event B1

PASSTime - Spookified

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    Brickyard Event - PASSTime - Spookified

    PASSTime, only with spells, skeletons, pumpkin bombs, and an overall Halloween ambiance.

    This is also practice for future occasions, I'd like feedback on how I worked with the Halloween detailing and texture-ing since that is something I struggle with.

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    You can even call it Boneyard or something! I'm curious as to how spells work with the jack.

    As for detailing, I'd reccommend that you try changing up some of the exteriors. Remove some of that stone trim, experiment with changing windows and roofs. Maybe even look into changing some of those shipping containers into tombs or something. Basically, try doing more than basic retexturing.
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    This looks interesting but I agree with Clam. You can keep the same basic shapes while also changing around the detailing to make it feel more unique. Look at Ghostfort (lakeside_event) or Mann Manor as a bit example of how much you can change while keeping it the same.