Breaking TF2's Narrative?

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Nov 2, 2017
So we're all aware of the setting of TF2:
Two brothers, dustbowls, industrial/farm environments, 1970s, etc.

Is it worth breaking this narrative?
I'm currently toying with some early concepts for a purely competitive-focused stadium themed map, which resembles more of a grid-iron. It's not designed to be put in regular TF2, of course. For reference, here ( is a VERY early and VERY ugly concept, but I think it shows the genreal idea well enough. I've been really enjoying the idea of TF2 becoming a much bigger esport, so I figure I attempt to build a map that reflects it being a potential sport people would watch, kinda like how Rocket League( has its arenas set, with cheering, lights, sponsors, the like.
Do you think this is too much of a break from the normal TF2 setting?
Would this be something you would want to play on competitively, and would be wiling to enjoy the new atmosphere as long as the map was well-designed?


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May 21, 2016
I think it comes done to if you want this to be taken seriously. Because if that's the case then for sure you'll need to be in cannon/in-style. However some maps such as koth_king(one of my fav maps) and koth_sujin(one of my most hated maps) dont break the style that much because of how inline it is with the cartoonish and comical style TF2 has going.

Diva Dan

Mar 20, 2016
I think that, e-sports wise, a stadium map would be a very cool idea and doesn't necessarily have to fit with the TF2 lore. I'm sure not too many competitive players really care about that aspect. Although, they would probably prefer there be no audible cheering for the sake of gameplay :p


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Nov 14, 2009
Personally, I'd worry more about the layout being too simple to be much fun to play. People always say "don't just make a box and put stuff in it", and any kind of sports arena is going to be a box by its very nature, regardless of what changes you make from here. Even the simplest stock maps include actual buildings that split up the action. And putting buildings inside an arena would mess with the spectators' ability to watch the match.


Jul 31, 2009
You're making a custom map, you should should make whatever you want and not pay any heed to what other people say. If you were making a contract map for valve, maybe a different story, but as far as I assume you are not

Coding Ethan

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Oct 12, 2014