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    Alright, so for the MvM contest I thought of a simple but unique gimmick and I'm not sure there's a way to make it work. Essentially I'd like to add more threat to the tank and add some degrees of success to the mission by doing the following:

    When the tank goes past a certain point in his track he destroys a wall, opening up a shortcut for the bots and subsequently making it harder for you to win the waves.

    Now... firstly I'm not sure what the best way is to make a blocking wall that's removable that at first blocks nav and then later doesn't anymore. Probably easy but I've never had to do it and I'm not sure the TF2 nav mesh can do it.

    Secondly I don't see a way for the walls to reset when a wave is reset. The MvM entity doesn't have an "OnWaveReset" output or anything, am I missing something there? Is there some workaround?
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    There's a trigger entity called func_nav_avoid. Any nav areas that are touching the volume, the bots won't enter. You can dynamically disable and enable this trigger volume, so that's easy.

    The second problem, I think you can solve it with a bit of logic. Make the wave start enable the wall with a unique relay. When the wall breaks, make it enable a relay (that the popfile triggers at the end of each tank wave). If the wall doesn't break, the wave end will do nothing. If it does, this now-enabled relay disables the wave-start relay, thus keeping the wall open the the rest of the mission.
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