Brain blocked when mapping

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Washipato, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Washipato

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    I don't know if this happens to only me, but well, anyway...

    Sometimes when I map for a long time, I start to fly aimlessly in hammer, looking at the brushes and logic entities or arranging them in new ways.

    Or after coding a new feature for the map, compiling and testing, I spend several minutes after doing the work fooling around the full-bright version of the map and discover that 20 minutes of mapping were wasted

    Has someone had the same issue that I do or Im special? :O
  2. psihomir

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    Take a break. It happens with everyone who's involved in something creative.

    When I notice that I'm losing my concentration and I'm just mindlessly roaming around in Hammer, I close it and fire up a game or go for a walk or something. I've found that forcing myself to continue mapping under these circumstances only leads to stupid design decisions which I make just so that I can keep mapping.
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  3. J4CK8

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    I find myself flying around in hammer sometimes when I'm not sure of what to do. Then I close hammer and do something else o_O
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  4. Trotim

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    Yes, when that happens you must take a break. It happens to writers and artists too - artists start to sketch around for no reason, writers keep rewriting the same sentences over and over again.
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  5. Eternal

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    I just came BACK from a break myself. As a few of you may or may not have noticed I had disapeered for a bit there. I just sort of hit a hump in my work and had to stop for a bit.

    I find I get these sort of moments after I've just done a lot of work and completed or nearly completed a section of the map (like I've setup and mostly detailed a particular building or something) I just sort of dread moving on to a new section, or have no inspiration for how to do a new section. Usually I force myself through em and its for the better, but after a couple of those you just HAVE to stop for a bit and play the game (or even another game entirely)

    Interestingly enough its also good to take a break because I find when I'm working on my tf2 map, I have little interest in actually PLAYING tf2 but if you take a break from maping play some other games, and maybe even try and get into tf2 again you'll find inspiration and rekindle your enjoyment of the game.
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    A play test usually helps me (although, I'm still in the early stages of my map where there's tonnes of stuff to do) I just go engy with my build sentry out to find good spots, or Soldier to test how all my jumps are going..
  7. Lockhart

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    Yeah I had a 4 hour mapping sessions on Tue. because I was sick. I didn't stop mapping because I always have something to do, but I sure was getting sick of it. Got on the next day and had a blast.
  8. Psy

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    It happens. Just do something else for a while and go back to it after.