Bottle A5

Get Drunk! Fight to fill your Liquor Tank!

  1. XEnderFaceX

    XEnderFaceX L5: Dapper Member

    Positive Ratings:
    Bottle - Get Drunk! Fight over Liquor Trucks

    Bottle is a King of the Hill Map set in Switzerland

    Basic Information:

    Map type: King of the Hill
    File name: koth_bottle
    Developer(s): XEnderFaceX

    Map Information:

    Environment: Eschenbach, Switzerland
    Setting: Daylight, sunny
    Deep Water: No
    Pyrovision: No

    Map Items:

    Health Kits: Full: 1 Medium: 2 Small: 0
    Ammo Boxes: Full: 0 Medium: 3 Small: 0


    I didnt have the Full 72 Hours Time this Year,
    so i had to cut the Map short, so its not completely how i wanted it to be.
    I will now concentrate on finishing this Map after the Jam. :)
  2. Startacker!

    Server Staff Startacker! WARNING: Cluster portals saw into cluster

    Positive Ratings:
    Every update that I see of this map you change the most minimal things on the map. Was it really necessary to make a fan hurt you? Was it really necessary to add a visual of beer getting filled into the control point? Was the random crushed can prop crucial for the map? I've seen no actual changes to the layout of this map that it desperately needs. Feedback that we've left for you through the feedback system.

    It's empty, it's too wide, there's so many angles for snipers to just exist. You seemingly haven't fixed any of this and have focused on either band-aid fixes (moving respawnroomvisualizers forward instead of making it hard to spawncamp) or useless detail additions. Please please PLEASE actually look at what's wrong with your map and start making real layout changes to it.
  3. XEnderFaceX

    XEnderFaceX L5: Dapper Member

    Positive Ratings:

    - Changed the Control Point Name
    - Added Hole inside Mechanical House
    - Added better Win/Loss Voicelines
    - Clipped more Corners
    - Added more playable Space in Barrel Storage
    - Added Barrel on Mid to clear another Sightline
    - Changed a Dropdown into Stairs, prevents Sightline toward Spawn
    - Moved Painting Location to add Wall, prevents Sightline
    - Added MEDIUM AMMOPACK inside Gardening Shack
    - Clipped more Props
    - Removed second Entrance to Staircase House
    - Added small Shack with SMALL AMMOPACK
    - Added SMALL AMMOPACK next to Chicken Wire
    - Added FULL HEALTH/AMMOPACK inside Barrel Storage
    - Added broken Window inside Gardening Shack
    - Removed Bar and L-Shape Building, to move Spawn Courtyard forward
    - Moved func_respawnroomvisualizers back to Spawndoor
    - Clipped the Control Point
    - Removed a bit of clutter inside small House
    - Remade Middle


    - Removed small Detail inside Mechanical House
    - Added Custom Soundscapes
    - Added small Easter Egg
    - Map now has Proper Lighting


    - More Props have FadeIn/Out

    Changelog Video:

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