Bots acting in unusual ways on MvM map

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Apr 29, 2018
I'm creating an MvM map with a single gate, but for some reason, they act very oddly. All of the following happens:

- All bots go for the gate regardless of Gatebot designation (Prerequisite & Preference nav brushes have filters on) Fixed with the solution on the next dot point

- After the gate is captured, they refuse to leave the zone (A nav prerequisite pointing to itself to keep the bots there until it caps is there & disables afterwards, but they insist on staying there) Disabled a prerequisite I didn't see initially to fix this. No longer an issue.

- After capture, bots have that hidden uber until hit effect while within the trigger_timer_door volume (There is no respawn room in that spot)

- Gatebots don't change behaviour (Retain the glowing hat, doesn't turn off, don't pick up bomb, etc)

- The first bomb doesn't get equipped after the gate is captured, and is ignored for seemingly no reason as they only hold the second bomb now Fixed alongside the fix with the bots refusing to leave the gate zone after capture

Any way to figure out these problems would be appreciated. I'll be happy to provide any additional information required.
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