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    Hello, I am a french student (read: spy) majoring in computer science studying in South Korea!

    I’ve been playing TF2 since 2008 and mapping since 2009; but due to highschool I had to make a pause for four years . . . which stopped last week :D
    Back then I made some Portal puzzles and tried to make a complete map, but due to my young age I didn’t have the skills to do it, and I couldn't understand a word of English when I first visited this website :p
    But that’s over, I’m ready to map again between two lines of cryptic code!

    Considering TF2 I have ~500 hours in and only three hats, and my favourite class is the . . . Spy, obviously. For real play however, I prefer Medic or Soldier.

    TF2 aside, I’m furiously waiting for the Christmas sale to get The Witcher 3, and I love Super Smash Bros Melee.

    Voilà, I can’t wait to join this community :)

    (This is not my first message on the forum but South Korea is far away from the forum’s servers and some posts get here faster than others so that’s why haha pleasedonthurtme)
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    Welcome back.
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    Welcome back to the forums.