Bomb Delivery game mode?

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Sep 6, 2019
The title is a little vague, but I wanted to ask this question before I went too far with my concept.
Is there already a map with a “bomb delivery” type mode?
My idea is this:
  • Use basic CTF logic with a neutral flag and have shot clock mode enabled with a timer set to fit the size of the map, set a team’s “capture zone” as it were to be in the enemy base
  • Replace the intel briefcase with some kind of bomb model (likely just the loose cannon’s projectile scaled up as to make visual clarity as to what the team’s are fighting over for now)
  • Once the timer runs out, create a trigger_hurt with a radius of 64 units that explodes everyone on the opposing team & the flag carrier centered on the bomb model and resets the flag that exists for exactly 1 tick, but
  • Give the flag a 15 second respawn time so as to prevent a team using two scouts to make a suicide play with one and then another instantly gets through the remnants of the defense with a new bomb
Does this kind of mode already exist? I know special delivery is kind of what I want to do, but it’s got all sorts of other features I don’t care to mess with having two of on a map and most of the logic of what I want to do already exists in neutral CTF, I just want all sorts of smaller stipulations around the flag.

Jun 17, 2010
Theres few maps similar to that concept. Maps ctf_haarp and ctf_vector comes to mind. You basically take briefcase from the front of your base, deliver it to the control points. Thats how those maps work.