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    I downloaded the beautiful 'swamp theme' pack recently which I thought would give me many happy hours of swampy map making, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to get on well with my computer. My version of hammer used to crash only very rarely, but it seems to have taken offence with the extra models and materials I've put into it's directories. It now decides it's gonna go AWOL almost every other minute and it only takes me to type 'swamp' into the texture browser for it to freeze like a block of ice, every time, without fail. :( Sadly, I had to go around manually deleting all the files to return hammer to a functioning state.

    Bscly I wondered if there was any1 else out there who'd had similar problems and could point me in the right direction. The pack looks great and it seems such a shame that I can't get any use out of it. If no one knows then nvm, but any advice would be gratefully accepted.

    Happy hammering.

    Edit: I hope I put this in the right place, it seems like the most appropriate forum to me...
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    The texture filtering thing is a known issue unrelated to the swamp content. Sometimes hammer filters instantly, sometimes it takes two minutes to do so.