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    Yeah, Pre-Alpha 'cause I'm that noob at mapping. Lumblandery is only a working title because I suck at titles.

    So hi guys, new member here. I mapped Portal a few months after it came out and was a member of ThinkingWithPortals. I've recently been having TF2 5CP map ideas, so here goes.

    This is a 5 point CP map intended for competitive play.

    The premise is as follows: mix elements based on arena_lumberyard, cp_granary, and cp_badlands under the alpine theme. Kind of similar to Follower in that regard but I'll be basing mid on Granary, points 2/4 on Badlands and points 1/5 will probably be unique.

    So, here's some screenshots (and a map download) of the first thing I'm slightly satisfied with.

    Things I'm worried about, but could possibly just be me being overcautious:
    - Scout ease of mobility is high
    - Many powerful sniper lines
    - Demo spam

    Things you should know while looking at the map are noted on the "overview" image.

    Things you should know about me are:
    - I am a competitive player
    - I don't really feel like this HAS to be successful so I don't mind if it fizzles out
    - I can take fairly harsh criticism as long as it isn't blatant trolling
    - If you think the potential of success for this map is low, tell me so I can try something else

    Thanks for looking
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    May I recommend submitting this to a Gameday? Then we know if it's too Sniper/Demoman/Scout/Spy/whatever friendly or not.
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    Yeah, i would be a good idea to get the basic layout done, and submit it to a gameday.
    The overview of the map looks pretty good so far, but maybe a little to badlands-ish. i know this is your intention, but try to create something more original, then it will have better chances of turning out great.

    Some suggestions:
    • Some flat fastlane-ish layout for the inside rooms, so it doesnt get too confusing
    • There are other ways to achieve the same gameplay as if you were using the spire from badlands (a "long", single path to the point, and leaves players pretty vulnerable while trying to get to the point) e.g. a long bridge (with some cover) leading to a elevated rock/whatever with a cp on it. Use your imagination
    • Remember alternative routes to the final point, so it isnt too hard to cap

    Good luck!
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    Map update today. Pre-alpha 10

    Thanks for the suggestions bomc, I had intended on doing something with the rocks and not the actual spire but I wasn't completely sure how to make it look. But that will come.

    Your bridge idea was good, so I used it. It also gave me some ideas on how I'm going to link points 4 and 5.

    I also added some entites around cp3 and sloped the outside of the map downwards to break up some sniper lines.

    Current questions:
    - Any bright ideas to make the bridge not look so plain as it currently does? I don't want a canopy on the bridge. The bridge will be textured with wood.
    - The removed "broken" section of bridge is so soldier/medic combos can't easily get to the far end of the bridge where it would be too easy to defend the choke points. How could I make the broken section look convincing?

    Suggestions would be very appreciated at this stage. Thanks!
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    Okay I got kind of dissatisfied with the rooms between cp3 and cp2/4 in the previous release so I started over.

    Mid will be very similar and now I think I have a lot looking up right now.

    Yes, cp2/4 look a lot like Badlands but that's the point. The defending team's side of spire should look fairly different from Badlands so I think it won't be an issue.

    I'm having a bit of trouble filling the space between spire and the orange ramp choke point between cp3 and cp2/4. I'm thinking about putting a house on the left side of this image, on the gray ground. Any ideas there?

    Anything on the bottom edge of the overview image isn't completed yet.

    Also, is "jigsaw" taken as a map name? cp_jigsaw is now the projected map title.