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Black Mesa: Xen delayed until December, shows two images of Xen as-is rendered in game, in real time

Discussion in 'Games Talk' started by Vel0city, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Vel0city

    aa Vel0city func_fish

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    We start with the bad news:

    Better delaying it for maximum quality than rushing it out and have it be crappy and full of bugs. Good on ya'll.

    Now to the neat stuff.

    Image one.

    Image two:

    As stated:
    It's totally awesome, though I'd like to see some more green included in the ground and props.

    Xen will be huge. HUGE.

    They then talk about some technical stuff. One thing's worth mentioning:


    Source will also get a lighting overhaul adding deferred rendering bringing real-time lighting, shadows and god rays. Super sexy. Especially considering this is Source we're talking about. A 2004 engine (heavily modified though but still) with code going back to the Quake days. And it's pushing out this. Amazeballs. And it still looks realistic. Not overblown like current engines like to do. Subtle yet effective.

    They then talk about some color correction stuff and refined animations, but these are the main highlights I wanted to point out.

    So yeah. Good stuff's coming to our favourite remake.
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  2. Empyre

    Empyre L6: Sharp Member

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    Now that is impressive!
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  3. Pocket

    aa Pocket Ya like Jazz?

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    Crikey. I wonder if they plan to open-source their engine changes so other modders can use them. I mean, nobody in their right mind would bother making a total conversion mod for Source now, but it's the thought that counts.
  4. BenCo

    BenCo L5: Dapper Member

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    I still can't believe that Titanfall 2 is running on the source engine. But seeing these images, I believe now in everything
  5. puxorb

    aa puxorb L69: Emoticon

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    Yay I get to play my favorite game for the 5th time! Can't wait for the Xen update. It looks like all the time and delays are paying off as this is better than I ever imagined it would look. They're really raising the bar with this one.
  6. Dead account

    aa Dead account Tell him to go eat shit, Johnny

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    wow that ligthing in the last screenshot. so beatifull
  7. Faux Rhinoceros

    aa Faux Rhinoceros Also known as Dr. Element

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    Hella amazing. Can't wait to relive an entire half life campaign dressed like that.
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  8. sugarblood

    sugarblood L1: Registered

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    It looks like the bottom of the sea, but in space.

    Hopefully we get some of that gigeresque xen too.
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