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    Hello. I'm calling myself "waffledoctor" on these forums as my Steam title, Dr. Toaster Waffles, was too long to fit in the registration.

    If anyone here is into Portal 2 mapping, you may know me from the ThinkingWIthPortals forums or Portal 2 workshop. You can find some of my work here.

    Unfortunately, since the community has been dying off lately, I have been thinking of other games to map for. Since I have been playing tf2 a lot lately, I'm trying to get into Team Fortress mapping. I have lurked here for a while now, so now I've made an account.

    I hope that wasn't too long. Anyways, I hope to be mapping here soon!
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    Welcome to the community, I look forward to seeing what you create! :)
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    Your Portal 2 maps looks pretty dang neat. I'm looking forward to what you're gonna make for TF2!
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