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Discussion in 'Maps' started by Big Lou, Apr 4, 2008.

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    Billiards Beta 3


    This is the third public beta of Billiards, the new sports map for Team Fortress 2! It's a new twist on team ball-oriented game play. This is an actual game of billiards. Each team must shoot, hit, or blast their color's balls into the pockets before the other team does the same. Don't fall into the pockets! Also, be cautious of the 8-ball... it looks a bit menacing...


    NEW In Beta 3!
    Change Log:

    - Sniper rifle disabled for balance.
    - Sudden death kills scoring entities to avoid a team win during sudden death.
    - Spawn rooms entities have been added to allow for instant class switching.
    - Spawn room glass separation fixed to prevent pipe bombs from passing under.
    - Missing texture on beer poster has been added.
    - Glass floor of spawn room is destroyed for the losing team at the end of each round.
    - Textures of light fixture are self illuminated and lights have been added inside.
    - Glass texture of spawn room floors now visible from table top.
    - Light props inside light fixture have been changed.
    - Observational cameras have been added for team spectate and death. (Including a view of the ball scoring room)

    Beta 2 Change Log:

    - 3D Skybox added (A game room in a house).
    - Billiard balls are now heavier and are easier to direct.
    - Custom textures added now make the entire map prettier.
    - Spawn rooms added above the map (Inside the billiard light fixture).
    - Health packs added behind all pockets.
    - Ammo boxes added throughout the table surface.
    - Spawn times raised to 3 seconds.
    - Written instructions added at beginning of rounds.
    - Win cap added so map doesn't go on forever (10 wins max).

    Future Changes:

    - Replace light fixture with custom prop model to speed up the map. (Thanks to Fade)


    I would like to thank a few people for without whom this map would never happen.

    Thanks to Hsnopi for helping me turn this into a generic CP map into an actual billiard game!
    Thanks to Fishy for help with troubleshooting PakRat!
    Thanks to Bud Doug Lee for getting me in the right direction for the scoring mechanism!
    Thanks to Milky for helping me get started in mapping!
    Thanks to EVERYONE who has helped test, give suggestions, and critique the map from and elsewhere!
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  2. 3_stooges_geo

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    thanks for that one.
  3. Snipergen

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    I wanna try this 1 time.
  4. ryodoan

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    Hey, can you take the nobuild off the billiards deck? I think it could be fun to play as an engineer on this map. Its not a big balance issue either, the map is large enough that anything an engineer builds will be able to be destroyed from a distance.
  5. trainRiderJ

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    There is already a billiards_b5, fyi. The early versions of the map didn't have nobuild, and engineers ranged from being annoying to "please kick that person", so I doubt it'll be going away any time soon.

    In any case, I think Big Lou is taking a "sabbatical" from TF2 to focus on RL, so b5 might be what we've got for awhile (nothing wrong with that though!).
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