Bianco Hills

VSH Bianco Hills V5

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Dat Eagle ™

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Jul 25, 2018
Bianco Hills - Map Testers and Friends told me it gives such Nostalgia to the Gamecube Era

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It's a large open map inspired by the original Bianco Hills from Super Mario Sunshine.

This version contains:

Fire Flowers [ as common spells ]


Jump Pads [ if a Player uses the Jump Pads he gets a 10 seconds delay time to use it again ]


Moving Boats [ Engineers can build on them too! ]


Breakable Grate and Bridges' Planks [ you can break them with a single melee hit ]

Lava Pit [ deals a lot of damage to the Boss but doesn't instakill him ]

Custom Textures and Soundtrack [ more specifically textures ripped from Mario games and a remastered version of Bianco Hills original soundtrack ]