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Big Funky Rocket

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    bfr - Big Funky Rocket

    Another map that was meant to be submitted to the B2B contest.

    It features:
    - Direct sightlines between 2 intel rooms through the middle area, allow Snipers to play "point and click" with each others (and stop bothering other players), prevent Engineers from strengthen their defense so easily (a level 3 sentry will poke out of the covers and could be easily shot down).
    - 2 curved hallways that wrap around the middle area, to dilute the intensity of battle, give attackers a chance to move forward (rather than stuck in an endless mid-fight).

    Flag room

    Middle area (with the BFR)



    (also its left and right sides are slightly asymmetrical, because a left-right-back-front mirrored map is boring)
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