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    Can someone link me examples of some maps that have been incredibly well optimized. I would like to be able to pull apart the map and learn how a well optimized map looks like.

    Also interested if there are maps that toggle areaportals to open and closed?

    Please dont suggest valve maps.
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    To be honest. TF2 on itself isnt realy that optimized, so those minimal things you are probably aiming for wont affect fps much these days. Optimizing these days is more important to simply let larger areas to be prevented from rendering.

    If a room is rendered for 80% or 100% barely matters when in both cases you still see the same ammount of battles. The map itself on those parts barely affects fps. It only matters when that visleaf prevents 30% of the battle to be rendered. As that is effectively noticed on the fps.
    You dont want valve maps but one of them shows a perfect example of when to close an areaportal. Badwater has that door that closes at capturing cp2. That door has an areaportal with it that closes aswel which is the perfect thing to do.

    Not only that, but the timing is even perfect. Early in the round there isnt alot of battles going on. Even when they are trying to cap cp2, the ammount of projectiles reaching that area remains low. But as soon as cp2 is captured that area is going to see alot more battles. And let those now be more efficient due to having alot less to render (even then, an open area portal already would often reduce the rendering there).
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    Just a note on areaportal windows: they're not generally recommended in multiplayer unless the window can't be shot through, since players near the window will be able to see out whereas players far away from the window won't be able to see in when the window portal has closed.