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Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by hytek, Apr 7, 2011.

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    Hey all,

    Just recently got back into mapping again, well, when I say got back into, I was never any good in the first place.
    Just come off of a Game Day and it was great fun and to see new maps and how they've developed just interests me. I just can't wait to see one of my maps in there soon.

    Basically, my question is this, what and how is the best way to start making a map in hammer, after the designing part (MS Paint ftw)?

    - What type of textures should I use and where? (dev, etc.)
    - Do I start with BLU Spawn or RED Spawn or without spawns?
    - Do I put the game time and setup gates etc. first, or do I put them in after I
    have the lay out done?

    I am looking to make a multi stage pl_ map.

    Sorry for these 'noob' questions, but I am in fact a 'noob' at mapping, but I can't wait to get going and to learn so much within the next few weeks. I am looking forward to creating my first map.

    Thanks in advance for any help, all advice is MUCH appreciated.


    Matt 'hytek' Rimmer.
  2. RaVaGe

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    Hello !

    Personally, here's how I do it:

    1 - Use a dev texture, vary the textures for the floor, walls, ceilings.
    2 - Place the blocks that will determine the different paths. Use a grid of 16 is perfect for the beginning.
    3 - Place the rails and determine the path of the cart.
    4 - Cut the heights I advise you to read this tutorial .
    5 - Close the map.
    6 - Place a basic lighting everywhere.
    7 - Place areaportals hints etc..
    8 - Test.
    9 - Placing entities and models related to the gameplay (doors, cart, life and munitions).
    10 - Retest on a server with players.
    11 - Modify the map according to feedback.
    12 - Texturing.
    13 - Creating the lighting
    14 - Create the displacements.
    15 - Props

    I can only wish you good luck :)
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    Thanks Ravage,

    I always used to spend so much time on just a spawn room and getting all the doors etc working, which mean't I got bored, and I'd only done one small room, but again, thank you!
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    I like to start off with BLU spawn, as in the "first spawn" and then work my map from start to finish. Finish being the RED spawn. I don't use dev textures, I place permanent textures as I map. I detail as I map.
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    Depends on the type of map your doing, but since your doing multistage pl, I think it would be best to design from blu spawn forward.

    And Welcome to the forums! It was a pleasure having you in gameday!
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    designing from the blu spawn forward tends to make things less-fun and sometimes more mazelike for the defending team

    you really have to consider both teams equally
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    First of all, you should start on paper. Planning it on graph paper to scale makes it much easier to build in Hammer more quickly and gives a sense that you are accomplishing because in only an hour or so you get the first "version" done.

    On paper and in Hammer I would start by very simply placing your first CP/track-P, then the rest. Then make big brushes showing the section of the main route that is next to that. Then place the spawns in Hammer where you have them on paper. Then in Hammer start building out the rest you have drawn. Build a bit out from the CP's, then a bit out from the spawns, etc.

    Also I would suggest putting all the entities (just use ABS pack) that you need in the map file at the very very very beginning. You don't want to have a layout with out the mode setup on it because when you finish out the brushwork you will want to test and will be annoyed that the entities aren't there. Having the entities there from the start helps alot and lets you get extremely rough testing at any stage, even after only a few mintues of work.

    I would also suggest doing a single stage map if this is your first map after a long break.

    Also I would suggest doing parts of the terrain with displacements from the getgo. The "main" floor of the largest areas and any bits that rely on undulating ground can often be more quickly done with a single simple displacement then with brushes if there is any height variation at all (even just a few feet). Otherwise your map will tend towards nothing but flat.
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    Thank you Frozen, I did enjoy the game I had there that day. I'll be sure to be at some more EU Gamedays!

    And also thank you Mr. Happy, that has helped greatly; it still even now makes me scratch my head at how fast some people can build a map, it would take me up to 6 hours to get a few rooms done...

    Thanks again guys, all help is VERY appreciated. <3