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Aug 30, 2015
I've been at this for two years, and in that time I've made a lot of maps, many of them bad, some abjectly unplayable, and some were bad in summation but contained some elements worth shunting onto some unlucky bastard. These include the following.


ODR Badfish.jpg

A Gorge-style 2CP, point A of CP Badfish is pretty OK I think. The area behind the setpiece needs to be resized so Red can defend more easily, and the area behind the right-hand route is awkward.
Badfish was originally based on Mudd's CP Itza, but the enclosed map is my own design and brushwork, so I have posted it here (With her permission, naturally) as my own.

I have worked on this map off-and-on for what feels like months before taking off one too many times and losing interest for good. This Badfish is closest I've come to finishing a map, I hope that by posting it here I can provide myself with a similar sense of closure.

I planned to for this to be a combination Frontline / Jungle 2CP, but feel free to do what you want with it. You can rip individual elements too as long as you credit me. Also be sure to credit Muddy if you use the whole thing.

Custom Assets: Various - Frontline! Ravidge - Things Recolored Pack

PL_CHIMAERA, Points A, B, Other stuff (OPEN TO PUBLIC)

ODR Chimaera.jpg

Participating in the 2016 Asymmetric Boogaloo, especially with something as complex as a longform payload map, was a fanciful jest especially at the time. Nonetheless, I think what I completed of my would-be offering, PL_Chimaera, turned out alright.

This map was never tested and I have proven to be the worst judge of how an unfinished map will play, so it may be best to make your own map based on ideas found here instead of reusing it wholesale, that way if your map is bad I won't be liable. Currently all that exists is a connected Point A and B, a free standing Point D, and some incomplete alternate takes of Point B

I planned to for this to be a coastal Frontline single-stage payload, but feel free to do what you want with it. You can rip individual elements too as long as you credit me.

Custom Assets: Various - Frontline!

Map Fragments (OPEN)

When you're as lazy as I am, your list of unfinished projects fills up pretty quickly. Fortunately, if you are as incompetent as I am, your list of unfinished projects worth finishing fills up much slower, and to date it includes the following:

Iota challenged me with designing a KOTH mid that fixed the broken elements of KOTH Fourth by making it more like a ripoff of Kemptown. After a few iterations I came up with this setpiece and lost interest. Credit me if you use it wholesale, otherwise I don't care.


Koth Beefbucket is all I managed to get done over the 2016 Winter 72 hour Jam. It is way too small to be useful, but it might be mediocre if remade as something with more map in it. Credit me if the finished product resembles the below.

ODR Koth Beef.jpg

My mapping notebook is full of half-baked ideas and ripoffs of other maps but I do like this a lot. This was intended as a point A for a Mountain Lab style attack defense, but I have am brewing a design for a payload stage with a similar concept. Since there is a non-zero chance it never sees the light of day I wouldn't worry. Credit me if the finished product resembles the below.

ODR Sketchbook.jpg

All VMF's can be found here.
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Jul 10, 2017
How do you download the map fragments? I can't find a vmf link anywhere.
Aug 30, 2015
Yippee-Kiyay motherfuckers, it's time for some more maps


Pulling Teeth Titled.png

Here it is: the map that broke me. After two years of making bad maps, this one was the one that made me decide it wasn't worth it anymore. So how bad is it? Honestly not that terrible. All it needs is to smooth out the tiny jumps I put everywhere for no reason, some minor layout tweaks and one to three complete salt-the-earth overhauls and it could reach the dizzying heights of serviceable!

Pulling Teeth is a Viaduct style Koth map executed as well as all my maps are executed. Custom assets include the Devbucket Collection and possible some other stuff it's been awhile.


PL Sweatloaf.jpg

I started working on this without having any idea what to do for the rest of the map. It was never tested so I have no idea how well it plays but it has my name on it so draw your own conclusions. My well-earned low self efficacy aside I do like the general layout of this map and I think it could be OK under someone else. Title comes from the name of a Butthole Surfers' song, the name of that song comes from the name of a Black Sabbath song.
Custom assets include the Devbucket Collection, some Frontline stencils and I think Gold Night sky.

All VMF's can be found here.
Aug 30, 2015

A04 - Overview.jpg

There's a cliche among fitness types: "when you feel like giving up, remember why you started." Well I do remember; I started because I thought this would be fun. And it isn't fun. Y'all are so goddamn cold I can't handle it anymore. Four times I have tested this map and hardly anyone has anything positive, or even neutral to say. I'm done. Maybe someone can take this and turn it into something that takes two minutes to devolve into complete chaos instead of one.
Custom content includes various from Ravidge - Things Recolored Pack and Truckbed - TF2 Emporium Vehicle Prop Pack

All VMF's can be found here.
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