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CTF bd_SpaceHighway A1

A space themed map with an invade ctf like gamemode.

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    bd_SpaceHighway - A space themed map with an invade ctf like gamemode.

    This is the first version of 'bd_spacehighway'. It's called space highway, because there's a big pit in the middle of the map, where a ufo flies by and kills people near it. if you haven't guessed it, it's space/moon themed. The gamemode is invade ctf like gamemode. I haven't played invade maps before, so i don't know how simular it is. At the start of the round, you and your team get 30 seconds (may be changed) to either go after the flag, or in this case a bomb in the middle of the map or prepare to defend the base. After the 30 seconds, the flag get's enabled and the team he gets it first, attacks. You have to take the flag to a big room in the other base, where there's 2 doors. The holder of the flag has to stand close to the doors to open them. When they're opened enough, you can place the bomb inside. There comes an explosion, and you win. There's currently no alarm, when the other team tries to open the doors, but it will be added in the future.

    This is also my first map, and i know it's maybe a big project, but i wanted to make it, and i'll probably make an arena map afterwards.